A Network Designed for Mavericks
Who Want to Do Business Different

A Hybrid Network Environment

The modern, small to medium sized business still wants growth, but following a couple of years of shifting sands and more expected, our priorities as to how we approach it continues to evolve.

Some of us have a hunger for trust, and are seeking more organic, human connections with our customers and the people we work with to feed this. Ultimately, we want to grow by doing what we love, with people we like, for impact we’re inspired by, and we’re willing to think and do different to get there.

Convoy supports these curious mavericks with the quality connections, fresh knowledge and unique opportunities they need to boldly grow their businesses in remarkable ways.

But Who is the Collective For?

Some might call us a community, but we prefer collective. Sure, we’re connecting around interests, attitudes and identities, but it’s shared intention that really interests us.

Each of our members are defined by their different, but stand united in their…


Excited to explore new ideas. Seek out fresh understanding. Embrace learning and education. Appreciate a variety of perspectives.


Dare to lead where others follow. Enjoy challenging the status quo. Willing to take bold but calculated risks. Champion impact beyond the financial.


Think in three dimensions. Energised by taking roads less travelled. Enjoy looking through unique lenses. Solve problems in novel ways.


Share, strategically but abundantly. Favour conversations over speeches. Take comfort in authentic human connection.

Member Testimonials